How Governors ruined democracy in Nigeria — Former Reps Speaker Na’Abba

Ghali Umar Na’Abba, a former Speaker of the House of Representatives has accused Governors of ruining democracy in Nigeria.

Na’Abba, who spoke in an interview with BBC Hausa Service on Tuesday, said State Governors have hijacked democracy, manipulating primaries of their political parties for their cronies to emerge.

“The Governors have drawn a line in politics in which if you are not their boy you won’t become anybody or get elected at all levels. This is happening in both the PDP and APC.

“Democracy should always give room for interaction among people and they should be allowed to vote the right person they want. But the governors have since changed that, there is no democracy in Nigeria presently,” he said.

He added that the governors have also blocked chances for the youth to participate in elections “which is a great threat on the future of the country.”

Reacting to a question on his political affiliation, Na’Abba said he does not belong to any political party.

“I spent many years in PDP and later joined APC, but I had to quit them all because they are not practising democracy. No free and fair elections in the whole of the system and I cannot join a party where there is no justice and fairness,” he said.

Lamenting the failure of the present administration to heed to advice, Na’Abba said, “We have severally advised the government either individually or in groups but they do not listen.”

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  1. Governors? Insecurity, Elections malpractices, corruptions,illegal migrations etc all caused by Governors as they are incharge of all the security forces as the Federal Government do not budget for for security.Think about it. Who can do it alone? Failure of one is for all.

  2. You have passed that level just go direct.The present Government from top to bottom has collapsed.Because the head is rotten.Period

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