How Gunmen killed couple, injured one in School

How Gunmen killed couple, injured one in School


Tragedy struck at the BECO Comprehensive School, Kwi, in Riyom Local Government Area of Plateau State, recently when a couple who teach in the school, Rwang Danladi and Sandra, were shot dead by unknown gunmen who invaded the school premises.

It was gathered that the Vice Principal (Administration) of the school, Mr. Dalyop Ibrahim, and the principal, Mr. Dantoro Gyang, narrowly escaped being killed, but sustained severe injuries during the attack.

Recounting how the attack played out, Mr Ibrahim reportedly said: “The incident occurred on Monday afternoon between 2 pm and 2.30 pm. We were in the school for our end-of-session meeting and to discuss the speech and prize event we were preparing for. We had just finished the meeting when we saw herdsmen invade the school premises with their cows to graze but were stopped by security men on duty. There was an exchange of words which drew our attention.

“While the security men interrogated them on why they grazed into the school premises, the staff came out to see what was happening. We were trying to engage them on the need to vacate the school premises, but within a twinkle of an eye we heard gunshots, the herders brought out guns, pulled the triggers, and instantly killed two of my teachers. We all had to run for our lives

“The Vice-Principal (Administration), Mr. Dalyop Ibrahim, was shot in the abdomen. As I am talking to you now, he is presently receiving treatment at the Jos University Teaching Hospital.”

Decrying the incident, the National President of the Berom Youth Moulders-Association, BYM, Solomon Mwantiri, said that: “Until open grazing is banned, the herdsmen will continue to terrorize the people of the State and the Middle Belt as a whole.”

Rwang Tengwong, the National Publicity Secretary of BYM in a statement said those who perpetrated the act are “known Fulani armed men.”

He added, “The Berom Youth Moulder-Association, BYM under the leadership of Solomon Mwantiri, Esq notes with concern how these terrorists from Fass and Mahanga now move freely with arms and graze on farmlands, intimidating and killing locals at nearby communities. Fass and Mahanga as well as Guava have become enclaves of terrorists, who carry out all sorts of coordinated attacks on villages and communities in Barkin Ladi, Riyom, Bokkos, Mangu, Jos South and even beyond the State.

“We, therefore call on the government to ban open grazing in Plateau State since grazing has become a ploy to continue unleashing havoc on human lives and property. We also call on security operatives to, as a matter of urgency, raid the aforementioned settlement formed by way of forceful occupation after uprooting the Aboriginals therefrom. This is necessary to get rid of both the terrorists and criminal elements that have firmly defied law and order. The BYM calls on the government to declare Fulani militias as terrorists to be treated as such.”

A resident, Gabriel Gyang said, “There is a ruga close to that place but since that Monday, the Fulani relocated from there. Every time, they will say, unknown gunmen, these gunmen are known. The security should go after them and fish them out to pay for their crime.”

However, the State Commissioner of Police, CP Julius Alawari said no suspect has been arrested in connection with the incident.

His words, “We heard the headers brought out a gun and shot and killed two people and one person injured. Immediately our team heard of the attack, they rushed down there but before they reached the herders had disappeared into the forest. Our men are still in the forest, they are working hard to get them arrested.”

Meanwhile, the speech and prize event has been postponed as the Principal added, “Because of this great challenge, the ceremony is postponed till further notice.”

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