How Prophet charmed me – Teenage nursing mother reveals

How Prophet charmed, impregnated me – Teenage nursing mother reveals

A teenage nursing mother simply identified as Bukola has recounted how she was hypnotised, raped and impregnated by a prophet in the church she attends with her mother in the Surulere area of Lagos State, Isaac Anibaba.

Recounting how the ugly incident began, the teenager alleged that the prophet called and told her that God revealed to him in a vision that she would fail in her educational pursuits.

The teenager said having listened to the prophet, she immediately told him that since that was the case, there was no sense in her trying to get an education and that she would rather look for a place to apply as an apprentice hairstylist.

The lady said the prophet, however, urged her not to be afraid and promised to give her something that would help in making her become an academic success through secondary to university level.

She said: “He gave me something to insert into my private part. I went to the bathroom and inserted it.

“He warned me not to tell my mom. I thought it was part of the prayer activities.

“He told me that he had also assisted other students in the same way and that many of them were now overseas.

“After I inserted it, I couldn’t recollect anything. When I came back to my senses, I was in an uncompleted building, which was inside the church compound. I was naked and Anibaba had a white cloth stained with blood in his hand. It was hurting between my thighs,” she explained.

After some days, the teenager said she discovered that she was pregnant and had been raped, despite being a in Senior Secondary School student (SS1).

But reacting to the allegations, Anibaba admitted impregnating Bukola, but denied raping her.

He explained that the matter has been taken to a human rights group and an amicable settlement was reached.

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