Husband seeks divorce with Wife after 49 years of marriage

Husband seeks divorce with Wife after 49 years of marriage

One Abdulrasaq Oyewumi on Monday filled for the divorce of his wife, Silifat Abdulrasaq, after 49 years of marriage over alleged stubbornness.

The petitioner told the court that his wife was disrespectful and arrogant.

According to Oyewumi, she does not obey my instruction but prefers to do things her way.

“I have unofficially divorced her thrice and each time she packed to her father’s house, her relatives will beg for reconciliation but she will repeat the same thing each time she returns.

“I am tired of her attitude and cannot live with her again. I want to officially divorce her,” he said.

Silifat told the court that she loved her husband and could not leave her matrimonial home.

“I have pleaded with him but he does not want to accept my apology.

“I did not intimidate any of his family member and I don’t have anywhere to go, I will change my behaviour,” she pleaded.

The presiding Judge,Hammad Ajumonbi, ordered that the petitioner should make provision for the respondent accommodation, where she would observe her three months iddah (period of grace) before the next adjourned date.

The case was adjourned until July 8 for hearing. (NAN)

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