I am scared of my Wife – Husband cries out, flee home

I am scared of my Wife – Husband cries out

Mr Ismail Adegoke, on Wednesday, told a Mapo Grade A Customary Court at Mapo in Ibadan, that he abandoned his matrimonial home because of his wife’s inclination for charms.”

According to Vanguard, Adegoke told the court that though his cohabitation with his wife, Tawa, had produced two children, “I had to run away from our matrimonial home because I wanted to save my life.

“As if that was not enough, I came across charms inside Tawa’s bag one day and I challenged her, but she went mad with me and swore that there would no longer be peace in the house.”

Adegoke testified that he was forced to move into his personal house due to his wife’s constant bickering and domestic violence, meted out on him and members of his family and co-tenants.

He told the court that he had done everything within his power to satisfy Tawa’s yearnings, including opening several shops for her at different times.

“One day, Tawa told me that she would no longer stay in the shop because it was boring, adding that it was only old women who stay put in a particular place for trading.

“Then, she rented another shop far away from the house which permitted her to leave home at 7 a.m and return late in the night, mostly around 9 p.m.

“As a result, I was forced to start taking care of our two children, including taking them to school.

“It was as a result of her ceaseless domestic violence with people that my mother told me to go and complete my building.

“To stay alive, I abandoned my matrimonial home and rented an apartment until the dust settled,” Adegoke told the court.

He pleaded with the court to grant his application for dissolution of the marriage as all entreaties from both families had failed to assuage Tawa’s anger and become remorseful.

But Tawa, who did not oppose the application for dissolution of their marriage, however, accused Adegoke of adultery.

“My lord, Adegoke womanizes and ran away for a whole year with a lady called Auntie near our house.

“He doesn’t take any responsibility for the children’s education as I was forced to sell off my wares to be able to send the children to school.

“Worst still, Adegoke has been physically abusing me since 2003; in fact, I’m ready to part ways with him,” Tawa said.

Delivering judgment, the President of the court, Mrs S.M. Akintayo, held that there was nothing to be dissolved between Adegoke and Tawa because there was no valid marriage between them based on the evidence available to the court.

Akintayo however, granted custody of the two children of the union to the respondent and directed the petitioner to be responsible for their medical and educational needs.

She ordered the duo to be jointly responsible for the welfare of the children

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