I feel like crying when Policemen commit crimes’ – IGP addresses CPs, DPOs, others

‘I feel like crying when Policemen commit crimes’ – IGP addresses CPs, DPOs, others

Inspector General of Police (IGP) Usman Alkali Baba yesterday expressed sadness over the level of crime in the country.

He said: “Let us do the right thing at the right time. I always feel like crying when policemen are involved in cases of crime. I won’t speak further.”

Baba spoke yesterday at a one-day tour of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Police Command.

The IGP, before asking reporters to excuse the gathering, expressed displeasure over misuse of firearms by officers across the country.

He urged police officers not to abuse their authority by making life difficult for the public.

Baba also advised sister-security agencies to embrace synergy and shun rivalry in the fight against crime.

The IGP urged officers and men of the force to get acquainted with the new Electoral Act recently signed into law by President Muhammadu Buhari.

Knowing the Electoral Act, he said, would enable officers to enforce the law better.

Baba said: “Our challenges are surmountable. You have the support of the government and members of the public. We are doing our best, but there is room for improvement. What you are doing today, to sleep well, you must do much more now. There is never a time that the police will go to sleep because it has recorded successes.

“We agree that nobody has ever eradicated crime. We will have to live with it. But you must try to reduce it to the barest minimum. We are the lead agency in law enforcement. This is a job that can give you heaven and hell. The police must partner people. The space is wide. There is no need for rivalry; no need to outsmart another security agency. Security agencies must come together and do their best.

“You can find all kinds of criminality in the FCT. But because every agency, including the police, is working tirelessly, you are able to checkmate it to a large extent. Everyday, we must devise means of detecting crime, means of preventing crime and means of punishment. There must be reward and punishment. We normally have prevention of crime measures, such as road block, stop-and-search, raids, and many more.

“These are crime preventing measures. I want to implore all Divisional Police Officers (DPOs) and area commanders that in our tactical team, we make sure that these measures are used positively and not to abuse the office. Don’t raid because you want to detain somebody unlawfully. Don’t form road blocks because you want to create a difficult situation for road users so that you can extort.

“Do your job with the fear of God. Nobody is an island. We need that synergy with other security operatives. Once security operatives do not cooperate, then to fight crime will be difficult. Community policing is not a new thing; it has been happening long ago. We must not abuse our authority as police officers.

“Abuse of office and misuse of firearms have been the order of the day among our service. I urge your commissioner of police to hold trainings to improve on how to operate firearms. I implore your commissioner of police.

“The new Electoral Act has been signed into law. What does it entail? If you do not know the law, how will you enforce it? You need to look at it. Area Commanders, DPOs, and other top officers need to get a copy to act. You must understand your role as a law enforcement officer. We are now in 2022. You have to hold seminars on the 2023 general election.”

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