April 23, 2021

I have never been a Policeman, businessman accuses of being SARS officer cries out

A business man, named Mr Femi has debunked reports made on social media by Nigerians who claim that he was once a member of the disbanded SARS unit, he has being accused by many to have been involved in brutalizing innocent citizens.

However, it was learnt that the man rebutted the accusation by saying he has never in his life being a Police officer let alone a SARS official.

He said that his attention was drawn to a publication with a headline which reads “faces of the SARS officials accused of killing innocent Nigerians” with his name and picture published alongside other names of SARS officers by a social media platform. He said the platform labeled them all as SARS officers brutalizing innocent people.

He said at first he paid no attention to the publication, but then on a second thought, he came out to rebut the claim, adding that with the situation of the country now since the #ENDSARS saga, and he doesn’t want to be a target since several people are looking for ways to deal with members of law enforcement.

While explaining that the publication was false, he said it was made to demoralize his person. He also advised journalist and members of the press to do a thorough investigation with the information at their disposal before putting it out there, adding that a single mistake can be the end of one’s life in today’s Nigeria that has so much security challenges.


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