I was right to criticise Buhari, Federal Govt, sacked Imam insists

I was right to criticise Buhari, Federal Govt, sacked Imam insistsP

The sacked Chief Imam of the Apo Legislative Quarter mosque, Sheikh Nuru Khalid, has insisted that despite his sacking, he was right to criticise the federal government over the Kaduna train terror attack.

Speaking on Channels TV on Wednesday, the cleric explained that he simply asked the Federal Government to do the right thing by tackling the incessant insecurity across the nation.

Making reference to the Abuja-Kaduna train attack on April 1, 2022, Khalid said he only demanded the President should have done more than he did.

He stated he will gladly submit himself to the torture of hell if his demands are sinful even though he knows they are not.

He said: “What I did was right. It was never wrong because I said it was unfortunate for us to experience what happened for Nigerians in the train. It was unfortunate.

“And I said, the President, His Excellency supposed to do more than what he did.

“And I said if they are only concerned with voting and elections, with counting votes, then we are going to speak that language to them and give them conditions, which is secure Nigeria before 2023 or we don’t vote again.

“What we are asking for is security. If it is a sin to ask for a secure Nigeria, I am ready to go to hell for that. But I know it is not a sin to ask for a secure Nigeria.”

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