“I wish I had killed OC Provost, of Mobile Police” – Inspector laments

“I wish I had killed OC Provost, of Mobile Police Base 6″ – Inspector laments

A Police Inspector, Mohammed Bello, has said that he regretted not killing the OC Provost in charge of Mobile Police Base 6, Maiduguri, for dissolving his marriage to the mother of his three kids.

Bello made this statement after he had killed four Mopol personnel and crippled his brother-in-law, another police Inspector, in reaction to his baby Mama’s multiple sexual relationships with other men while still under his roof.

Bello, who was formerly attached to the Borno State Deputy Governor’s security details, was recently transferred to the headquarters of the Mopol Base 6 as a quarter guard officer due to alleged mental disorder.

He allegedly regretted not killing the OC provost of the Mobile Police 6 detachment for interfering in his marriage to the mother of his three kids because of what he termed as jealousy of the provost for the love between them.

The Punch newspaper reported that Bello stated this shortly before he surrendered himself to the police authorities, on Friday, in Maiduguri after setting ablaze the house of his brother in-law and two other apartments in the barracks following the incident of his shooting to death of four personnel for allegedly having a relationship with his estranged wife.

He was quoted by the newspaper to have said: “The OC provost is still alive? I wish I saw him when I had the AK 47 with me. I regret not killing him Wallahi.

“He ruined my family and I desperately wanted to kill him. He made my wife leave my house without giving me fair hearing.”

The newspaper reported that relevant sources said that Bello has been living with the mother of his three kids for about ten years, but he has not paid the necessary bride price to legally make her his wife and that this has not gotten well with the family of the woman, which has been a constant source of trouble.

“The wife of Mohammed Bello has been living with him for quite some time now but they are not legally married.

“The woman has been engaging in extra marital affairs despite having three children for the inspector and each time he tries to question her character, her elder sister reminds him that he has not paid her bride price, and as such he is not bond to her legally,” Musa Ibrahim, a resident of the police barracks stated.

“On the day he shot the four policemen, he walked to her kiosk where she sells noodles and shayi around 7:20pm and met three men sitting in the shop, and he questioned the woman on what she was doing with those people and immediately, one of the police personnel said, ‘Oga, you know she is a woman and you know how women behave na.’

“Responding, Bello said, “so you are part of those sleeping with my wife abi? He immediately opened fire and shot at the three persons to death. The fourth person was affected by a stray bullet which led to his Dead. Ibrahim continued.

Another source, Adamu Usman, a son of a police ASP was also quoted by the newspaper to have said, “I was there at the Command market when the incident took place, though I was in the Officers Mess. My friend called my line and I left on time to witness the happenings.

“When Oga Bello killed the three officers, everybody, including his wife, took to their heels, leaving behind their two young children, and he took the smallest child in his arms and walked straight to the house of his brother in-law, who is also a police officer.

“He met the in-law at the door entrance and they started arguing, before you know it, he opened fire on his in-law, breaking his two legs with eighth bullets.

“After shooting at the in-law, he went to his house and brought petrol, which he used in setting the house of the in-law on fire. That fire razed two other apartments and it was alleged that three riffles were burnt in the house” Usman said.

According to the sources, Inspector Bello, who was airlifted to Abuja, on Friday, after reporting himself to the police authorities, declined speaking to anybody on the premise.

He said that he was not going to get fair hearing because the police authorities have been biased towards him.

“From what we learnt, Inspector Mohammed Bello has been having running battles with his wife over her infidelity and the last time the matter was reported to the OC provost by the older sister of the wife, the provost dissolved the marriage against Bello’s wish on the premise that he has not paid her bride wealth and he was also threatened to be dislodged from his apartment in the barracks.

“His wife subsequently left his house where she has been living with the three kids to the house of her elder sister whose husband is also a police officer living in the barracks,” a police source confirmed to the newspaper.

Bello was said to be bittered by this decision to the point that he threatened to kill the OC provost the day he murdered the four police personnel.

“Around four o’clock on Thursday, Bello was at the quarter guard when he walked up to the Inspector and threatened to kill him, but the authorities let him go after he pleaded for forgiveness and claimed he was joking. He subsequently killed four persons that same day,” the police source added.

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