May 10, 2021

If you have a better solution than ransom, put it to work – Senator Sani tells el-Rufai

A former Senator representing Kaduna, has said it is dangerous for the State government to do nothing about rescuing the abducted students of Greenfield University.

Recall that over 20 students of the private institution were abducted when some gunmen attacked the school on April 18. The abductors had killed five of the students after their demands were not met.

On Monday, the bandits warned that they would kill the 17 students in their custody if an N100m ransom and 10 motorcycles are not delivered to them by Tuesday.

But the Kaduna state government has maintained that it will not negotiate with nor pay ransom to bandits.

Reacting in a statement, Sani said the threats of the bandits must not be taken lightly.

He asked the state government why it has not rescued the students if it was not going to consider the alternative option of paying the ransom.

“If the Payment of Ransom is not the solution why has our security forces still unable to detect the whereabouts of the students and free them for this long. Doing nothing is dangerous,” Sani said.

“When you have a helpless people and a helpless Government then the nation is hopeless. Our tears will be needless for a tragedy we could have avoided.

“We must not wait for Bandits to throw the corpses of our 17 children on our doorsteps. We cannot claim to be fasting in a Holy month and helplessly watch the slaughter of our Children.

“If the Government has a better solution to freeing the kidnapped students other than the one embarked upon by the parents of the students, let it be put to work immediately.


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