June 13, 2021

Insecurity; Bandits are tired, they want peace – Sheikh Ahmad Gumi

Prominent Islamic Scholar based in Kaduna, Sheikh Ahmad Gumi said that bandits are tired of the activities they indulge in, and therefore want peace.

CRIMECHANNELS gathered that Gumi made this comment during an exclusive interview with Daily Post on Tuesday, June 8.

According to Gumi, the bandits are ready to lay down their arms on the condition that the Federal Government genuinely partner with them.

In his own words when asked if the bandits were tired, he said, “Yes, it’s very true because bandits are saying they were pushed into banditry by circumstances.If they have a genuine partner, they are ready to stop it; they are tired and want peace.”

“As regards their ongoing activities, you realize that even when soldiers are fighting and a ceasefire is declared, it takes a long time before they stop fighting.”

“We are able to see about 80 per cent of the big ones and then some small splinter groups which we could not meet because due to circumstances as we cannot go into the bush again.”

“But generally, they are ready for peace, in fact, we have gathered their representatives, discussed with them, and they said they are ready but need a genuine partner. Politics is the cause of this issue, ” Gumi said.

Bandits attacks are on the rise in various parts of the country especially in Northern Nigeria, their activities such as killing innocent people, kidnapping, raping etc brought about social economic disruption as some villagers are not able to go to their farms any longer, and as such there won’t be any harvest that may fetch money when they sell. Schools have also be affected immensely, many Parents have withdrawn their wards for fear that they might be kidnapped and never be seen again.


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