INSECURITY: My will has been written, I’m not afraid of anybody — Governor opens up

INSECURITY: My will has been written, I’m not afraid of anybody — Governor opens up

The governor of Benue State, Samuel Ortom, has said that the spate of killings in the country has forced him to prepare his will.

The governor disclosed this on Wednesday when he received a team from the Administrative Staff College of Nigeria (ASCON) led by a representative of the Director-General, Mrs Cecilia Gayya at Government House in Makurdi.

He said despite the festering security crisis in the country fuelling uncertainty about the future, he is confident that his family will not fight over his properties if anything happens to him.

The governor said, “I have written my will. Me, I’m not afraid of anybody. If I die now, my family will not be fighting because of what I have. I have stated what I want.

“And those people who are keeping quiet about what is happening in Nigeria, I want to tell them that they have children. Yes, because silence is consent. So, Nigerians must resist the evil that is happening.

He continued, “Me, I have played my part and I promised myself not to be intimidated by anyone. I’m over 60 years. God has given me enough. God has been so gracious to me and I appreciate Him.

“So, nobody should think that him or her will cage Samuel Ortom in this life. But I believe that the God that I serve will surely protect me as He has been doing. Several attempts have been made to eliminate me, to assassinate me but God has protected me,” the governor said.

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