IPOB to Police, others; Stop deceiving Nigerians with fake arrest of ESN Commanders

IPOB to Police, others; Stop deceiving Nigerians with fake arrest of ESN Commanders

THE Indigenous People of Biafra (IPoB) has dismissed the claim of the arrest of four Eastern Security Network (ESN) commanders by Nigerian security agents, particularly the Police Navy and Army in Ogbaru, Local Government Area, Anambra State.

IPoB alleged that the security crisis in Ogbaru Local Government Area Anambra State which led to the attack of USA Embassy officials is the result of the war between the oil bunkering cabal and some politicians which polarized the security agencies, and IPoB and ESN are not part of the war in Ogbaru.

A statement on Saturday by IPoB’s Media and Publicity Secretary, Emma Powerful, entitled, “No ESN Commander was arrested by Nigeria compromised security agents at Ogbaru” alleged that Nigerian security agents made up of Police, Army, Navy and DSS, are deep in the war in Ogbaru LGA and that is why they allegedly refused to carry out an investigation into the attack on USA Embassy Staff convoy, claiming they were not informed of the Embassy officials presence in Anambra State.

The pro-Biafra group alleged that over three weeks after the attack, none of the security agencies or a combination of them have been able to come out to present any arrest made of the perpetrators of such heinous attacks and now are coming up to divert attention with their purported arrest of ESN commanders in Ogbaru.

The separatist group challenged the Nigeria security agencies made up of the Police, Navy, Army and DSS, Nigeria prove their innocence who carried out attack on the USA Embassy Staff convoy instead of playing ostrich on such an international embarrassing attack.

IPoB’s statement read, “We the global movement and family of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPoB, under the command and leadership of our great leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, unequivocally debunk the fabricated and concocted lies from the Nigeria security agents, on their purported arrest of four ESN Commanders in Ogbaru LGA, Anambra State.

“It is pathetic that the compromised Nigeria security agents will always delude themselves with fake claims of ESN Commander’s arrest. We wish to ask them, where was the arrest made? And what are the identities of the so-called commanders arrested?

“We in IPoB wish to tell the public to ignore the professional liars called the Nigeria security agencies, there were no ESN commanders or operatives arrested anywhere in Ogbaru. As usual, the terrorists in uniforms may have arrested innocent people and called them ESN operatives so that they would extort thousands of naira from their victim’s relatives as bail money.

“On the other hand, they may have arrested criminals impersonating ESN. Nigeria security forces regular claims that they have arrested ESN operatives is childish. No ESN operatives was arrested. All ESN commanders and operatives are intact.

“Nigeria compromised security team at Ogbaru must come clean and tell the world who carried out the attack on the USA Embassy Staff convoy, instead of playing ostrich on such an international embarrassing attack.

“The ongoing security crisis in Ogbaru LGA has nothing to do with IPoB or ESN. It is rather a rivalry between oil bunkering cartels, which the Nigeria government, Nigeria security agencies, Navy, Army, DSS, and Police are part of.

“It has been an ongoing war between the cartels before the attack on US Embassy Staff Convoy. That is why Nigeria Police refused to carry out any investigation into the attacks. Instead, they go about arresting people branding them IPoB members and ESN operatives and burning their houses.

“The war within the oil bunkering cartel at Ogbaru will escalate because Nigeria criminal politicians and compromised security agents are the beneficiaries and therefore, handling the issues with kid gloves.

“Nigeria government and its Security agencies should stop their public deception and attention diversions. They should come up with an investigation into what happened to the American Embassy staff convoy that was attacked.

“They should stop spreading fake news about ESN Commander’s arrest. ESN are not part of their oil bunkering cartel, and no ESN operative or commander was arrested.”

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