JUST IN; After death of Abubakar Shekau, Boko Haram, ISWAP militants unite to fight together

The tension between members of Boko Haram and that of the Islamic State of West Africa Province (ISWAP), is no more, according to reports, the two terrorists group have reportedly settled their difference and vowed to work together.

According to PRNigeria, it was learnt that the groups’ resolve was captured in a 13 minutes video, in the video, the terrorists were seen putting their hands on top each other, after which they pledged their allegiance to Aba Ibrahim Al-Hashimiyil AlKhuraishi, whom they unanimously ordained as ‘Khalifan Muslimai’, translated as “The Leader of all Muslims”.

In the clip, 4 members from 2 of the terrorists group, pledged their loyalty to their new Commander while speaking in Arabic, Hausa, English and Fulfulde.

Speaking, one of the members, said that the Nigeria Army were responsible for planting a seed of discord in their hearts. He however, said that was a thing of the past now, adding that they were back, better and stronger.

Also, in the video released by the terrorists, a member of Boko Haram who first spoke, extended his greeting to their new Leader, Khuraishi, thanking him for bringing all of them together. According to the speaker, everyone from both camps are happy and in good spirit.

Meanwhile, another terrorist who speak in Hausa language, greeted Al-Hashimiyil Khuraishi. He assured the new leader that him and his fellow brothers will not disobey his orders and commandments.

He expressed delight that they were now back as one big and indivisible force, especially after they had fought due to a misunderstanding between them.

Al-Hashimiyil Khuraishi greeted them and told them to stand with one another, he urged them to be their brother’s keeper, adding that when they are united, they can achieve their objectives.

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