JUST IN; Despite 24 hour curfew #EndSARS protesters chase Anti-riot Policemen off the streets

#ENDSARS protesters in their large number returned to the streets of Umuahia on Wednesday in defiance of the 24 hour curfew imposed by the state government, forcing anti-riot policemen to retreat back to their stations.

According to a report by the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), heavily armed anti-riot Police team had positioned their Hilux Van around the Umuahia Tower, near the Post Office.

Several anti-riots Policemen blocked the roundabout leading to Aba Road, Bende Road and Umuwaya Road, while some were seen at the Azikiwe Junction/Aba road, leading to the Government House and Bank Road, amongst other points.

But things took a turn when protesters in large numbers were seen getting closer to where the anti-riot Policemen were. The protesters carried placards with inscriptions such as “say no to police brutality”, ” stop killing us”, and so on.

The anti-riots Policemen sensing the protesters were coming closer tried to ward them off, however, they were outnumbered. This made them entered their vehicles and sped off.

The protesters, however, pursued them, throwing sharps objects as they sped off in their white hilux van.

Few hours later, normalcy began to return in the city with the exit of the anti-riot operatives as residents and motorists returned to the streets, while some shops re-opened for business.

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