JUST IN; Four [4] wounded gunmen who allegedly killed 7 cops shot dead by Police Squad

Four suspected members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) have been reportedly killed by a team of Police officers attached to the Rivers State Police Command while treating their wounds in their secret hideout place in Oyigbo Local Government Area, Rivers State.

It waslearnt that a Nurse by the name Uchechi, hired by the gangs to tend to their wounds was also killed by Police.

The IPOB members sustained injuries having engaged the Police in a gun battle earlier. It was learnt that they then fled with their injuries to their secret hideout, only for the Police to surround the building they were being taken care of.

According to the Police, the IPOB members were among the killers who shot 7 Police operators dead in a check point and a Police formation last 2 weeks in Rivers State.

Narrating what happened, a security personnel who spoke on the condition of anonymity said, “Remember, that recently gunmen who disguised as security operatives killed 7 policemen when they attacked their formations along the East-West Road and the Elimgbu Police Station.”

“During that attack, the Police at Elimgbu engaged them in a gun battle. They sustained many injuries and even abandoned their Hilux van. Those who were wounded ran to their hideout at Irebe side in Oyigbo and hired one Uchechi, a nurse to treat them.”

“The Police tracked them to the hideout. 3 of them were already on drip. Sensing danger, one of the gunmen scaled the fence but was gunned down by the squad.”

“The Policemen eventually gained access to the building and met 3 others on drip. They made efforts to shoot at the police but the policemen gunned them and in the process the lady was hit by a bullet and she died.”

“I can tell you that they are IPOB members. 4 registration booklets of IPOB, many charms and some arms were recovered from them. You need to see their body, which was previously riddled by bullet. Though the bullets may not kill them because of their charms, the effects and the injuries will still show.”

Meanwhile, the Police Public Relations Officer of Rivers State Police Command, CP Omoni Nnamdi confirmed the incident to newsmen.

He said, “4 of the fleeing gunmen were traced to their location, where a nurse was treating them and they were all killed including the Nurse. They are IPOB members not armed robbers.”

“Items recovered from the scene include 4 IPOB registration booklets. They are at the Oyigbo Police station and they will soon be brought to our command headquarters in Port Harcourt, “he added.

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