JUST IN; Governor’s aide dragged to court by Police Command

JUST IN; Governor’s aide dragged to court by Police Command

The Special Representative of the Bayelsa State Governor in Yenagoa Local Government Area of the State, Obuma Ayaye, has been dragged to court by the state Police command for allegedly issuing a dud cheque to offset a N2.5 million loan secured since 2021.

The police claimed that the 45 years old Ayaye, is reasonably suspected to have committed the offence of issuing dud cheques and fraud from July 2021 to October 2021.

The police, in the grounds of claims, argued that though the investigation into the case is still ongoing, the offence for which the defendant was arrested is a serious offence triable at the state high court by virtue of the dishonoured Cheques Act, 2004 and that there is a reasonable and probable cause to remand the defendant for a period of 30 days by which time information will be filed”.

The police said: “That the defendant fraudulently defrauded Mr. Ken Tonkmor of the sum of N2.510 million and issued dud cheques which were dishonoured on presentation at the bank. That the grant of the application is in the interest of justice”.

But the Magistrate, Akata-Micheal Rachael Gwadei Esq, declined to issue the order to remand him due to the status and the defendant’s present employment with the State Government.

Speaking on the development, one Mr. Ken Tonkmor, alleged that the accused Obuma Ayaye, after refusing to pay his debt, was traced to Benin city and arrested by the Police.

Tonkmor further said that: “When the suspect was the DG, Youth Mobilisation during Former Governor Dickson’s tenure, he borrowed money and when he finished paying, he borrowed another one. He issued the dud cheque and used his salary payment account as collateral”.

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