JUST IN; Israel again bombs hundreds of targets in Gaza Strip

JUST IN; Israel again bombs hundreds of targets in Gaza Strip

The Israeli Air Force has again bombed numerous targets in the Gaza Strip in the fight against the Palestinian Islamist Hamas movement.

As the Israeli military announced on Telegram on Thursday, that its “fighter jets attacked more than 250 terror targets over the previous day’’.

These included command centres, tunnel shafts and rocket-launching pads in the middle of residential areas, which had been used to fire on Israeli territory since the beginning of the latest outbreak of hostilities.

Soldiers also hit a Hamas surface-to-air missile launching site in the Khan Younis area in the south of the Gaza Strip, the military said.

The launching site was located near a mosque and a kindergarten.

This was further evidence that Hamas was deliberately using civilian facilities for terror purposes, it said.

According to Hamas members, two long-range rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip towards Haifa in the north and Eilat in the south of Israel on Wednesday.

The media reported that, one projectile exploded in the air and the other fell on open ground in the south.

There were initially no reports of injuries or damage. (dpa/NAN)

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