JUST IN: “Police officer slapped by Seun Kuti was drunk” says Manager

JUST IN: “Police officer slapped by Seun Kuti was drunk” says Manager

Ayo Moses, Seun Kuti’s Manager, has explained what went down on the day the Afrobeat artiste slapped a police officer on the third mainland bridge in Lagos.

Speaking exclusively to Potpourri on the phone, Ayo, insisted that Seun Kuti was provoked by the officer, which led him to physically assault the officer.

“On the said day, Seun was driving with his family on the third mainland bridge, when he was suddenly hit from behind, by a police truck being driven by an officer who was reportedly drunk. This act from the officer led Seun’s daughter into a sudden shock, as she was visibly shaken by the hit. So, this made Seun pursue the truck, double-crossed it and forced it to a stop. When the police officer got down from the truck, instead of apologizing, he was arguing with Seun, which provoked him to slap the officer.” Ayo informed.

Ayo was not done yet, as he wanted Nigerians to realize that Seun was human and anybody would have reacted Seun did, if his family was threatened. He advised security officials not to see themselves as above the law, simply because they are on uniforms.

“People should realize that men on uniforms also provoke civilians. Immunity is no excuse for impunity” Ayo fired.

Ayo further revealed that Seun Kuti who has been transferred to the State CID officer at Yaba, will be represented by veteran lawyer and human rights activist, Femi Falana in court.

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  1. Just imagine what that idiot manager said when he was not even captured in the evidence at all? Even if an Officer is drunk, does it now give you the authority to give slap in his face? No one is above the law. Even if the son of the president can’t try it because he is well trained rather than someone that is trained with cannabis, indin hemp e.t.c

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