JUST IN; Twelve [12] Nigerian girls rescued as Indian Police burst prostitution racket

The Police in India has said it raided a massive sex racket and rescued 12 Nigerian girls forced into prostitution.

Police Commissioner Krishna Prakash said they had received information about foreigners operating a prostitution racket from a building in Omkar Colony in Morya Park.

Prakash said men of the force immediately visited the apartment and found that a prostitution racket was being run from there by Nigerian nationals.

He said a raid was carried out and 16 Nigerian women were taken into police custody after which 12 were released.

The Police Commissioner said valuables worth Rs 82,920 were seized from their possession during the raid.

“After collecting concrete information, on Tuesday night we sent four decoy customers to the flat in Pimple Gaurav.

“The 12 rescued Nigerian women have been sheltered at the Rescue Foundation in Hadapsar, Pune after medical examination.

“The police are verifying the passports and visas of the women and further investigation is underway,” he said.

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