JUST IN;Fear spreads as rumour of blood-sucking Women hits Communities

JUST IN;Fear spreads as rumour of blood-sucking Women hits Communities

Fear has enveloped several communities in the Kano metropolis over a trending report of blood-sucking syndicates going about in the communities.

The alleged syndicates, comprising mainly women, are said to be entering residential areas in Kano City either asking for alms, water to drink or restroom to use, but that their benefactors would suddenly lose their consciousness and blood, leading to their death.

The rumour is so widespread in the city that many people, particularly women, shut the doors of their houses out of fear of the imaginary vampires that are said to have killed several people.

Banking on the avalanche of social media platforms such as Facebook and WhatsApp, the rumour went viral, leading to attacks on some women who were alleged to be a part of the syndicate, following which eight persons, according to the state police command, were arrested.

However, Daily Trust reported on Saturday that findings across several parts of the city revealed that there was no evidence of bloodsuckers in the city as popularised by the rumour and amplified by social media platforms.

In the Dorayi area of Gwale LGA, a woman who identified herself as Zainab Kabir, claimed that her cousin’s neighbour was a victim of such blood-sucking women in Kofar Na’isa.

She said, “It happened with my cousin’s neighbour. They came in and asked for water to drink but later sucked her blood.”

When she was asked to provide further detail or contact of the victim or her relative to lead one of our reporters to the victim, she refused.

Another lady in the DanAgundi area, Aisha Iliya, who earlier said that she heard of another incident in Sharada Quarters, could not provide any plausible information that could lead to meeting the victim or relatives.

Many of the people of the state said they had encountered the news of the spread of the people. But none confirmed its reality.

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