Labour Party Rep member who described President Tinubu as intelligent in another controversy

Labour Party Rep member who described President Tinubu as intelligent in another controversy

A member of Labour Party in the House of Representatives, who stirred controversy over his comments on President Bola Tinubu some weeks ago, Hon Amobi Ogah, has stirred up another controversy.

The lawmaker had set tongues wagging after he said the day he met Tinubu was his “best day”.

The president had hosted federal lawmakers at Aso Rock amid the crisis over 10th Assembly leadership.

Ogah, who was among those in attendance, had said, “Today is my best day. Today, I’m so happy that I’m an elected member seeing my president talking. In fact, I’ve never known that this man is so intelligent.”

At the time, Labour Party had distanced itself from Ogah’s comment, claiming that he had apologised.

But speaking with journalists after a thanksgiving service in his honour in Abia State, Ogah, who represents Isuikwuato/Umunneochi Federal Constituency, asked Nigerians to respect whoever God has given the mandate to lead them.

“Once you are in this politics, don’t lose hope. Don’t think that if you don’t win today, you will not win again,” Ogah said.

“Once somebody has won an election, to be a good sportsman, you must give the person support. For me, like I said earlier last week that trended all over the world when I told the people, the election has come and gone. Now it is about governance. And whoever God has given that mandate to represent the people, you must respect that institution

“That is why I always say, whoever that is on that seat (president), give the person that supports until either court says otherwise or God says otherwise. We must put Nigeria first. Nigeria is more important than anybody. It is more important than me. I can tell you it is only God that gives power.”

While the lawmaker did not mention any name, it was widely believed that he was deliberately referring to Peter Obi, LP presidential candidate, who lost his bid to Tinubu, candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the February 25 general election.

Obi is currently challenging the outcome of the election that produced Tinubu.

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