Last thing Access Bank CEO Herbert Wigwe did moment before Helicopter crash — Emir Sanusi

Last thing Access Bank CEO Herbert Wigwe did moment before Helicopter crash — Emir Sanusi

Former Emir of Kano, Mohammed Sanusi, has suggested the last thing the late Chief Executive Officer of Access Bank, Herbert Wigwe, did before the helicopter he was travelling in crashed in the United States, US.

He suggested that Wigwe might have read a WhatsApp chat from him when the helicopter crashed.

Wigwe, his wife, and son died in a helicopter crash at the border of Califonia and Nevada in the US last month.

Speaking during the tribute night for Wigwe on Wednesday night, Sanusi said: “When I came, we stayed there. Some people believe I own Access Bank and Aig and Herbert are fronting for me. They gave me the cars and the drivers, they gave me security and a private jet and they ask for nothing and they don’t talk about it. I have lived in Lagos for four years, the house my family lives in was provided by Herbert.

“On the day before this happened, I was on a chat group when somebody made a few remarks about Herbert that I found offensive and I defended Herbert. I made my point very clear that this was unacceptable.

“A few days after Herbert died; a friend called me and sent me a message. He sent a message to Herbert at about 3:20 am that morning (the day of the crash), telling him how I had stood up and defended him and forwarded my entire message to him. ‘Herbert replied at 3:28 am with one word ‘unbelievable’.

“He sent another message at 3:50 which was not delivered. According to the presentation from the air traffic controllers, the crash happened at 3:30. So possibly, the last thing Herbert read was my message talking about him.”

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