MFM Pastor tells couples tricks on how to build their Marriages


MFM Pastor tells couples tricks on how to build their Marriages



Pastor Christiana Sanya of the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries has urged couples, who are aspiring to have lasting marriages, to build it on a foundation of love, respect, trust, and communication.

Sanya, Marriage Committee, MFM International Headquarters, gave the advice at the maiden edition of the MFM Couples Dinner, organised by the church for spouses on Sunday Night in Lagos.
The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the seminar has, “My Spouse, An Evening with Jesus’’, as its theme.
Speaking on the topic, ‘’Sex in Marriage and More’’, highlighted the significance of using sex as a way to express feelings.
She encouraged couples not to underestimate the power of sexual intimacy in fostering happiness, strengthening the bond of love, and increasing their spiritual connection.
“Couples who have sexual need should not allow anything to hinder it or stand in the way because God expects couples to have pleasure in sex.
“Sex time is enjoyment time and couples should be lovers in the bedroom, always telling each other how they want and enjoy it,’’ Sanya said.
Pastor Moses Odunsi, a Senior Regional Pastor from Asaba Mega Axis, discussed the topic of finance in marriage.
He emphasised the necessity of establishing a strong financial foundation for a successful marriage.
According to him, money plays a vital role, and without proper financial management, many aspects of a relationship can go awry.
He also pointed out that a majority of failed marriages could be attributed to couples failing to pool their resources and maintaining separate financial accounts.
“Money is an important aspect of marriage; when two people come together to form a family, they also combine their finances.
“Today, this has become a challenge for many couples and 75 per cent of problems at home are caused by money.
“Husband, if you are the one that God has blessed with money, bring it home; wife, if you are the one with the money, bring it home as well.
“God did not bless the man and ask him to keep his money for himself, likewise the woman. So, both husband and wife are free to bring in money to build a strong financial foundation,’’ he said.
According to him, communication about financial goals and aspirations is crucial for couples to ensure they are on the same page regarding their finances.
Earlier, Dr Olufunke Nwobu, the Head of the Marriage Committee in MFM Region 12, focused on the importance of tolerance in a marriage.
She urged couples to be understanding and patient with one another, as they come from different backgrounds and have diverse perspectives.
Nwobu also said there should be effective communication and cautioned against letting trivial matters erode the love built over the years.
“There are lots of factors that affect and easily break marriages, like lack of communication.
“So, couples need to be patient with themselves, knowing that they are two different people coming from two different backgrounds.
“If we really think about this, we will know that we (husband and wife) can’t be the same all the time; one person must be able at that point to step down for the other person.
“Love is also lacking in many homes; couples must show love to each other, and never allow the love they have for their children to come between them as they grow older,’’ she said.
She said that the programme would be a regular event going forward.
Also, Pastor Liadi Audu, a Senior Regional Overseer, Ikeja Mega Axis, while speaking on effective family alter, urged families to regularly come together to worship God, pray and study the Bible.
He said, an effective family altar was a powerful way to build a strong spiritual foundation for marriages and to connect with each other in a meaningful way.
“Marriage is a union of two people who decide to live together for better for worse. So, it is important that couples eschew patient.
“It takes time to build a strong spiritual foundation. Couples should not get discouraged if their family altar doesn’t seem to be making a difference right away. Just keep at it and be patient,” he said.
Highlight of the event was award presentations to the best couples in dancing and couples who have been married for years and have known each other so well, among others.(NAN)

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