My husband smokes Indian hemp like chimney, beats me with cutlass – Wife cries for help

My husband smokes Indian hemp like chimney, beats me with cutlass – Wife cries for help

Grade A Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State has given judgment in a divorce suit brought before it by a woman, Ruth Ogala against her husband, Michael Ogala, on the grounds of irresponsibility, lack of love, domestic violence and threat to life.

Ruth explained that Michael was a drunk and also smoked Indian hemp.

According to her, every time her husband smoked and drank, he would go wild, chase her around their compound and beat her with a cutlass.

The plaintiff added that the defendant extended his brutish act towards her father whom he beat and almost killed when he came to settle their differences.

Ruth beseeched the court, if her prayer was answered, to grant her custody of their four children and make her husband responsible for their upkeep, giving priority to their feeding, education and healthcare.

She also pleaded for an order of perpetual injunction restraining the defendant from harassing, threatening and interfering with her private life.

Michael was served with hearing notices but refused to come to court.

Ruth opening her case stated that, “My husband impregnated me after we met and dated for a few months.

“No formal marriage ceremony held between us. I moved into his house after he impregnated me.

“The wool was removed from my eyes after my husband and I started living together. I realised I have made a great mistake in the choice of a marriage partner.

“Michael started displaying how irresponsible he was early in our marriage. He was always complaining of paucity of fund and never gave me a dime as feeding allowance despite my advanced pregnancy.

“He constantly displayed a nonchalant attitude towards me till I had our baby. I paid all the medical bills when receiving ante natal care and also bought the necessary items for our baby.

“Michael’s neglect of me got worse as we were having our other children. I never enjoyed any intimacy with him till I moved out of his house.

“My husband is a drunk and chain smoker. Michael can drink a barrel of beer in a day while he smokes wraps of Indian hemp like a chimney.

“Michael would start to misbehave every time he drank himself to stupour or smoked hemp.

“He would pounce on me and beat me blue black when he was high after smoking the hemp.

“My husband after losing his senses due to much drink would beat me with a cutlass.

“Michael once returned home drunk and raised an argument with me. He starting beating me about 8:00 pm and refused to release me till it was almost 1:00 am.

“He refused to be appeased even when our neighbours intervened in our differences.

“My lord, Michael still filled with rage that same night, went for a cutlass and chased me round our compound. He almost chopped off my head.

“My husband has no respect for my family members and is in the habit of treating them with disdain.

“My father on hearing about his maltreatment of me mediated in our differences but he disgraced him by beating him to a pulp.

“My lord, I moved out of our matrimonial home because my life was no longer safe, but he will not let me be due to his constant threat.

“I am fed up with my husband’s disgraceful lifestyle and no longer interested in our marriage.

“I pray this honourable court to dissolve our wedlock and grant me custody of the three children with me. He can have custody of the one living with him.

“I also appeal that my husband be made responsible for our children’s upkeep, giving attention to their feeding, education and healthcare.

“I further beg the court to restrain my husband from harassing, threatening and interfering with my private life.”

The defense of the defendant was foreclosed and judgment given as a result of his absence in court.

The court president, Mrs S.M Akintayo, in her judgment stated that no customary marriage was celebrated between the two and as such there was no marriage to be dissolved.

Akintayo awarded the plaintiff custody of their children and mandated the defendant to be responsible for their upkeep.

Both were ordered to maintain peace.

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