Today 4 June, 2023

My husband wants three*** with our maid — Housewife cries out

My husband wants three*** with our maid — Housewife cries out

A woman has cried out on social media after her husband said he wants a threesome with their maid and promised to give her 3 million.

The woman, who sought advice through a couple’s counselling page, @couplestherapies, said her husband promised her N3 million if she agreed to the activity.

“My husband wants a threesome with our maid. He promised me a considerable sum if I allowed our maid to join us. I told him it will bring see finish, and he said I can decide to send the maid away after that.

She claimed that her husband’s advice put her in a challenging predicament.

She continued by saying that her husband has never lied to her or concealed anything regarding his side ladies.

“One thing I know about my husband is that he doesn’t hide anything. He will do something with his full chest and tell you if he wants to do something. He has never hidden his side chick.

According to her, he has been involved with two other women over the six years of their marriage, but he has never requested a threesome with them.

“We remarried for 6 years, and he has dated 2 girls. But why will he ask for a threesome with my maid. “Not even his side chick. ”


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