Today30 June, 2022

My in-law asked me to bring them-Suspect found with human head, hands

A 45-year old farmer who was found with burnt human head and hands, Mr. Idris Shaye, has alleged that it was his wife’s brother, Alhassan Ishaku that asked him to bring the items.

Shaye who denied killing the victim said the victim was found dead in the bush and was burnt.

Speaking to journalists on Thursday, Shaye said he was at Shinabole camp where he has a farm when two sons of Alhassan, Dipo and Damaka, that came to tell him about the burnt body in the bush.

Shaye said the boys told him that their father asked him to accompany them to bring some parts from the burnt body as he was in need of human parts.

He said he followed them, removed the parts and was asked to keep them.

Explaining how he was caught, Shaye said it was one Ahmed Odere that noticed a foul smell in the house and raised the alarm.

“My sister husband lived in the town. Their children came on a motor cycle to my camp to say they went to get cashew and saw a burnt body. They said their father said I should follow them to get some parts from the body.

“I was not promised any money. The boys said I should keep the parts in our camp. It was when Ahmed came back and noticed something smelling. He told our boss and I told them it was something my in-law asked me to keep.”

The suspect was on Monday charged to court and asked to be kept in police custody.



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