My Mother Was A Rascal — Nollywood Actor

My Mother Was A Rascal — Nollywood Actor




Popular Nigerian veteran actor, Keppy Ekpeyong-Bassey, has taken a trip down memory lane as he shares some of his experience while growing up with his father, an ex-military personnel and his mother.

During a chat with media personality Chude Jideonwo, the thespian noted that when it comes to parenting, his father although a military officer was softer while he described his mother as a ‘rascal’.

He said, “My father was someone who would scold and cry while spanking you. He was the one crying and he was a major officer in the army and we had guards at the gates. When he spanks his kids, he is the one crying. But we had an interactive relationship.

“My mum, a rascal. Everybody knows. All my friends know till tomorrow. When I was in the university and she was coming to visit us, she came with bottles of brandy and rolls of cigarettes.

The actor continued, “She will sit down with us. Because I lived off campus, she will light a stick of cigarette and call everybody, ‘come let’s drink’ and stuff. So, it was easy to speak with my parents, it was fun. Now I’m grown, I have children of my own and then we have some of their friends stay over and they think it’s easier to speak with us than their folks and I don’t understand how it works in other homes.

“Because with my kids, my son can walk up to me and pull my ears and say, ‘old man with your big ears’ and I wouldn’t think anything about it, you know. But there are some people who see it and they are cringe and they are afraid because they can’t and wouldn’t dare relate with their folks that way.

“We also have come to find out that if you close particular doors of communication between you and your children, you’ll be really shocked at who you think your children are because they would hide behind those closed doors and you don’t want to know when you get in.”(sic)

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