Nigerian pilgrim performing Hajj collapses, dies in Saudi Arabia

Nigerian pilgrim performing Hajj collapses, dies in Saudi Arabia

The National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON) disclosed that a Nigerian pilgrim has died in Saudi Arabia.

Muhammad Musa, NAHCON’s head of media operations, disclosed this in a press statement on Sunday.

Garba Takware, chairman of the Kebbi pilgrims board, said Tawakaltu Alako, the deceased, died after “slumping” in her Makkah hotel on Saturday.

“She was on her way to collect food in her hotel in Makkah when she suddenly slumped. Prior to that, she was hale and hearty,” Takware said.

“We quickly rushed her to the hospital but she was already unconscious by the time we got there.

“Every other thing is going as we planned. From feeding to accommodation and medical care. But this sad occurrence came from God and is beyond our control.”

Musa disclosed that Jalal Arabi, NAHCON’s chairman, has sent his condolences to the Kebbi pilgrims board and family of the deceased.

NAHCON began airlifting pilgrims from Nigeria on May 15.

As of today, 20,154 pilgrims from the 65,000 billed to be airlifted, have arrived in Saudi Arabia for the 2024 Hajj.

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