Nigeria’s AIG Baba Umar needs votes for top Interpol position

Nigerians living in the United States of America are rallying support for AIG Garba Baba Umar who’s contesting for Vice President Interpol, Africa.

AIG Garba, who’s currently Assistant Inspector-General of Police INTERPOL and Head National Central Bureau (NCB) Abuja-Nigeria, needs votes from 194 countries of the world to clinch victory as Interpol VP in Africa.

The Nigerians in the US who are backing him said they are doing so out of Garba’s outstanding performance in his leadership of the Interpol department, noting that with the rise of cybercrimes in the world, there’s need of capable hands to help navigate dangerous terrains.

According to them they’re sure of him as VP of the international police body in the continent only great things will manifest.

They further maintained that Nigerians in the US under his reign cybercrimes had reduced tremendously and they barely get fraudulent emails from Nigeria requesting for their bank accounts; whilst those who’re scammed talk about professional and swiftness they get justice.

They also appealed to Nigerians and the other countries to get to the terms of his achievements and what he can deliver if elected VP of Interpol, Africa.

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