Nine month old marriage crumbles over Child’s Paternity crisis

Nine month old marriage crumbles over Child’s Paternity crisis

A couple in Nakonde has decided to end their marriage, which has only lasted for nine months.

Local Court magistrate, Peter Geza presided over the dissolution of their union.

According to Zambia Mail, James Siwanzi, 27, and Kunda Mwape, 24, got married in June last year and have a seven-month-old daughter.

James accused Kunda of disrespect, while Kunda, in her defense, cited ongoing issues with her husband since their marriage.

She told the court James has been questioning the paternity of their daughter, spends weekends away from home, and shares his wife’s phone number with other women to insult her.

The couple owned only chairs and a television set, which the court has divided equally.

The court also ordered that James provide K500 each month to Kunda unless she remarries.

The magistrate, Geza expressed regret that the couple’s marriage did not last even a year and urged them to learn from their mistakes if they decide to remarry.

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