Nine suspects linked to murder of six Police officers now in custody


Nine suspects linked to murder of six Police officers now in custody

Sunday’s arrest of one more suspects by the police has raised the number of suspects linked to the murder of six policemen in Delta State now in custody to nine, Force spokesperson Olumuyiwa Adejobi, an Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP), confirmed yesterday.

He was giving an update on progress in the investigation into the tragic incident that occurred in Ughelli, Delta State on February 23, where the men on a fact-finding mission were ambushed.

Three days later (February 26), other men on a rescue mission were also ambushed, resulting in the death of six policemen and missing of six others.

The fallen officers were identified as Inspector Abe Olubunmi (IRT), Inspector Friday Irorere, Sergeant Kuden Elisha, Sergeant Akpan Aniette, Sergeant Ayere Paul, and Sergeant Ejemito Friday.

ACP Adejobi, who featured on a national television programme last night, said the arrests were made possible through rigorous investigative efforts.

He said: “I can confirm to you that we have arrested nine of the suspects. We had earlier arrested five, last week. We arrested three thereafter and on Sunday, we arrested one.

“From the investigations so far, these were suspects that were directly involved in the incident. Those we have been able to pick up are helping us with the ongoing investigation.

“It may take us time, but we’ll definitely get the required information to prosecute them. There’s no way you can kill any of our men and go scot-free.

“Apart from being a criminal offence, a sin forbidden by all religious groups, it is a disservice to attack and murder our security operatives on official duties in that manner.

“These were not only murdered, the corpses were mutilated and dismembered and video of the scenes were circulated to the public.”

Adejobi vowed that all those connected with the incident, still at large, will be arrested in due time.

He said that the police were working towards the recovery of the missing men.

““We are still waiting to recover all the corpses.  We have recovered three, but three are still missing.”

Dismissing reports of discouragement within the police, the police spokesman said: “Notwithstanding cases of attacks against our men, our men are undeterred to carry out their responsibility of maintaining peace and order across the country.”

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