Palliative: Governor unveils 70 buses for metro transport,for civil servants, residents [PHOTO]

Palliative: Governor unveils 70 buses for metro transport,for civil servants, residents [PHOTO]

Borno State Governor, Babagana Zulum, has unveiled a new fleet of 70 buses for metro transport to ease the movement of civil servants to their various places of work in the state.

According to a statement on Monday by the governor’s spokesman, Mallam Isa Gusau, the initiative is aimed at alleviating the burden of commuting for both government employees and the general public.

The unveiling ceremony took place at the premises of the Borno Express terminus in Maiduguri.

Gusau noted that the new fleet of buses was acquired for the purpose of transporting workers and consists of standard-sized buses and larger buses to accommodate a greater number of passengers.

He also noted that each vehicle is equipped with modern amenities, including air conditioning facilities and comfortable seating arrangements, to ensure a pleasant commute.

During the unveiling, Governor Zulum stated that this second phase of the intervention in the transport sector is aimed at alleviating suffering caused by the removal of fuel subsidies.

He further explained that out of the total 70 buses, 30 will be dedicated to conveying civil servants to their places of work between 7:00 am and 9:00 am and then return to pick them up between 3:00 pm and 5:00 pm from Mondays through Fridays.

He said, “I want you to ensure that these buses start operations tomorrow morning (Tuesday) without fail. However, please be mindful of our situation and ensure that you keep transportation costs affordable. Let us consider it as a social service and not as a revenue generation drive.”

The governor commended the management of the state-owned transport company for transforming the face of the Maiduguri terminus and improving the welfare of both serving and retired staff.

He added, “Since assuming office, the General Manager has been paying the entitlements of his staff on time. This is very

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