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Palm wine, corn, bitter leaf, others recommended for Covid-19 treatment

As at 9:30p.m. 29th March, 2020 the cases of Covid-19 stands at 111. It would also be recalled that the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Muhammadu Buhari while addressing the citizens on the same night the figure rose to 111 ordered total lockdown of Lagos, Ogun and FCT with businesses and offices shut down to curtail the spread of the novel coronavirus ravaging the world.

Whilst governments, groups, professionals, agencies and experts continue to research on how to make a vaccine for the deadly virus, advice has come from a very surprising end on how to combat the deadly virus.

According to the traditional religious adherents, the traditional way of treating ailment should not be overlooked as it remains a vital way to tackle health issues. Speaking on behalf of the association, Secretary-General of Traditional Religion Worshippers’ Association of Oyo State (TRWASSO), Chief Fayemi Fatunde Fakayode (PhD), advised President Muhammad Buhari and state Governors to give a look at traditional medicine as an alternative to curtailing the spread of the virus as modern medicine knows no way round it currently.

According to him, Chief Fayemi said that the same approach used by our fore fathers should not be overlooked, instead it should be handled by community spiritual leaders and the government should give them the chance to help during this turbulent period.

Chief Fayemi, who is the founder of Ijo Imole Olodumare, Alade Town in Ibadan, the Oyo State reiterates that everyone should be given an opportunity to help find a lasting solution to the issue on ground.

In lieu of curtailing the spread of the virus, Chief Fayemi in his words said recommended that, “People should squeeze ẹ̀fọ́ yánrin (wild lettuce) and ẹ̀fọ́ ewúro (bitter leaf) inside palm wine and drink responsibly. It can also be rubbed on the body as sanitizer. Also, daily consumption of gúgúrú (Popcorn) is recommended.”

He added that some items of great symbolic connotations like Akòko leaves and Tàǹgíìrì pod can be put at the entrance and inside the house respectively to repel the Ajogun, while noting that corn related food is the best recommended by Yorubas during this kind of period.

He concluded that coronavirus can be likened to Ajogun since it’s a natural infective agent and so it’ll be wise if we take to the methods used by our forefathers to treat things like that in the traditional medicine he mentioned earlier.


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