PANIC; Suspected ritualists kill two [2] people; decomposing bodies recovered

There is Panic in Amanze and Amainyi communities in Ihitte Uboma Local Government Area of Imo State after some farmers living in the area discovered the decomposing bodies of a young woman and a young man inside a big sack at a bush path within the axis.

It was learnt that the bodies of the unidentified victims were discovered on Saturday.

It was learnt that some villagers were going to their farmland when they perceived a rotten smell emanating from a sack on the path they were walking on.

According to the farmers, some of the vital organs of the victims such as their eyes, breasts and other private parts were missing and the hair of the woman shaved off.

They said that the skins were already decayed and therefore they don’t know who they are.

The bizarre discovery has caused panic in the 2 communities, as people are scared to even go out to farm on their land.

According to the villagers, there were no reports whatsoever of any missing persons within the area.

Meanwhile, many of the villagers believe the victicms might have been killed in nearby Umuahia, the Abia State capital, by ritualists and their bodies brought to the area to avoid prying eyes of the public and security agents.

The Police Public relations Officer of Imo State Police Command, Orlando Ikeokwu, when contacted couldn’t be reached, however, CRIMECHANNELS sent a WhatsApp message across to him.

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