PDP reacts as its former National Chairman joins APC

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Benue State Chapter has reacted to the defection to the All Progressive Party (APC) of Senator Barnabas Gemade, Terngv Shawon and others.

The Senator, who was once a National Chairman of the PDP, announced his defection from the Social Democratic Party (SDP), to the APC on Saturday.

The PDP, however, was less concerned about the move, but its attention was drawn to a comment made by the Senator Gemade, who said his defection has caused has sent jitters down the spine of PDP and other political party.

Reacting in a statement made by the state’s Publicity secretary of PDP, Bemgba Iortyom, on behalf of the party, he said: “underscoring the irrelevance of this charade of a decamping is the loud question; As a former national Chairman of a ruling party, former Minister and former Senator, why was the Benue State Leader of the APC, Senator George Akume, conspicuously absent at the decamping ceremony yesterday?”

“Was Senator Gemades’s diminishing political value not highlighted by his abysmally poor performance in his Senatorial re-election bid in 2019 on the platform of the Social Democratic Party (SDP), where he lost even in his native Mbawar and placed third in the race behind a political greenhorn like Mimi Orubibi, after he had junketed from APC to PDP and then to SDP all in the space of a few months?”

“Senator Gemade needs to be reminded that his party SDP has not won even a single councilorship seat in all elections since he joined the party in 2019. It lost in all the polls he actively participated in last year.

“He ought to also remember that PDP won the governorship election, 3 senatorial seats out of 3, 7 House of Representatives seats of 11 and 23 Benue State House of Assembly seats out of 30.”

“The party also has 23 elected council chairmen out of 23 and 276 elected councilors.”

“So why would PDP be jittery? Was Gemade a member of PDP when it emerged victorious in all of those elections?”

“It is unfortunate that while politicians of Senator Gemade’s generation, like Senator David Mark, are retiring and leaving room on the leadership stage for their proteges, the septuagenerian is still embarking on political quests suitable for his children’s generation”.

The statement also said his defection to the APC is ill- fated, adding that he made the move to wrestle power away from the leadership of the party in Benue state from Senator Akume.

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