Police denies trending video of officers allegedly protesting non-payment of allowance

Police in Anambra has denied a trending video of policemen allegedly protesting about payment for election duty.

Though the video showed men chanting songs, wordings accompanying the video stated that the men were protesting the non-payment of allowances for the election.

But police in Anambra has denied it, saying that the men were rather in high spirit, chanting victory songs as they awaited their last-minute posting to places of assignments for the election.

Deputy Commissioner of Police in Anambra State, DCP Aderemi Adeoye said: “The alleged video of police officers protesting for non – payment is not true as portrayed in the clip.

“A careful study of the video shows a group of personnel in high spirit awaiting deployment for the election chanting victory songs.

“The Police Command remains focused and committed to protecting the sanity of the electoral process in Anambra state.”

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