Police Sergeant’s ‘accidental discharge’ kill colleague while on patrol

Police Sergeant’s ‘accidental discharge’ kill colleague while on patrol

The riffle of a Police Sergeant known as Ubi Arikpo ha accidentally gone off and reportedly killed one of his colleagues, Sergeant Francis Agube

A source at the Atakpa Police Station in Calabar South narrated to the Vanguard that the incident took place in front of the station, while the pick-up van carrying the team of policemen on patrol was passing through the gate of the station.

On the accidental discahrge, the source said: “The team was from the State CID unit at the Police headquarters on Diamond Hill.

“They were on patrol duty and they were passing through this road (Calabar Road, Watt Market).

“They were driving from Effigy Roundabout, towards the station. When they got in front of the station Sergeant Ubi wanted to adjust his gun.

“It discharged accidentally and shot Sergeant Agube, who was sitting directly opposite him,” he narrated.

According to our source, the shot hit Agube right on his neck shattering his gullet and face, killing him on the spot.

“That spot where they covered with sand on the road in front of the station was where Agube was pulled to the ground from the van by the impact of the shot,” he added.

Another source at the Command headquarters said Agube was from Abi Local Government Area, while Arikpo who shot him is from Yakkur Local Government Area.

“Both of them are from Cross River State. Arikpo has been arrested and is on detention here at the headquarters, while Agube’s body is in the mortuary,” he added.

Ms Irene Ugbo, the Cross River Police Command spokesman, when contacted by Vanguard did not provide much information other than.

“The tragedy is being investigated to unravel the cause,” Ugbo said.

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