Police Service Commission receives #EndSARS reports; promises investigation, sanction of Policemen

The Police Service Commission (PSC) has pledged to investigate misconduct by operatives contained in the report of the Action Group on Free Civic Space in Nigeria.

The group, led by Zikora Ibe, presented the report titled ‘ENDSARS: Police Brutality, Protests and Shrinking Civic Space in Nigeria’ to the PSC in Abuja.

Receiving the delegation, Justice Clara Bata Ogunbiyi, the Commissioner representing the Judiciary, said further investigation will be carried out on serious allegations in the report.

The retired Justice of the Supreme Court assured that the commission will continue to improve the workings of the Police to conform with democratic tenets.

In her remarks, Ibe, who was accompanied by Okechukwu Nwanguma and Kingsley Godwin, demanded that all indicted officers of the disbanded SARS be prosecuted.

She urged the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) to ensure all individuals identified by victims are brought to justice for their various roles in brutality.

Ibe called for a probe of alleged black-market trade of bodies of victims murdered by SARS operatives to University Teaching Hospitals as cadavers for the learning and practice.

The group further demanded that the capacity of the PSC, NHRC, Complaints Response Unit (CRU) and Ministry of Police Affairs to enforce discipline among personnel be strengthened.

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  1. It pains most Nigerians when is of extra judicial killing of the police is the talk of the dailies when our security personnel are being killed on daily basis yet no body goes in or defend the security, but HOODLUMS are been defended in the interest of our political office holders cum money bag illegal business men. Who is talking about the innocent mudered police officers not even their death rights, please we should also know that the police has right to life

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