Reactions as popular Musician says no one should be imprisoned for weed

Reactions as popular Musician says no one should be imprisoned for weed

Marlian Records boss, Naira Marley has said no one should be imprisoned overconsumption of weed.

The “Soapy” singer, who is well known for his controversial views, said this in a recent tweet.

“No one should be in prison for weed,” Naira Marley tweeted.

As with other controversial topics, the singer’s tweet has sparked a debate among his fans and tweeps in general as they have continued to express opposing opinions.

While a few persons agreed with Naira Marley’s position, many others who opposed his view also noted there were more pressing issues bedeviling the country while advising him to use his platform to influence people and the country positively.

@DanielRegha tweeted: “” Weed” is illegal (at the moment) & has ruined a lot of people’s lives, so anyone taking weed without a doctor’s prescription should face the wrath of the law when caught; Contrary to smoker’s believe, smoking is a bad habit & God frowns at it. If u are a smoker, strive to quit.”

@mahrex_owl said: “The Government will always keep good things away from its citizens Remember they don’t want you to be smart. People like Burna, Fela, Bob Marley, Naira Marley, Elon musk smoke weed and they are one of the smartest people ever!”

@karlliee1 wrote: “And that is how naija go destroy because you guys keep on saying weed is good when in reality it is not you people should stop voting for weed lets know where our problems are coming from. Weed they make people kill and kidnap just to find money to buy some more..Use ya head.”

@WinifredOkonkwo stated: “Have you ever seen anyone that smokes weed who behaves normal? most weed smokers are violent in nature bcos weed(cannabis)is a stimulant that alters normal behaviour.”

@ShosanyaBabatu1 tweeted: “Naira Marley has spoken. There’s a need for the Government to deliberate on the issue raised. However, l disagree with your submission. Nigeria is not ripe yet for what you are asking for this is just my humble opinion.”

@Obarg13G said: “Better things we need to talk about u dey bring out the rubbish topic and naa weed even cause am.”

@StillTariq wrote: “NDLEA looking at this tweet.”

@Juicenation001 stated: “is that all u have to say, Naira Marley, I’m disappointed in the midst of the sad stories happening in Nigeria & all the recent trends on Twitter you choose to talk about weed, remember you’re a public figure; what message are you passing to the young generation & upcoming artistes?”

@OtunMuri tweeted: “Baba we are talking about insecurity. We’re in a morning mood. We lost the World Cup ticket but you’re concerned about people in prison for weed. Public consumption of weed is illegal in Nig. Talk to a NASS member of your LG to sponsor a bill to legalize weed consumption in public.”

@Ernest_Onyi said: “You are defending weed (an illegal substance) at a time when people are dying in the hands of bandits. Insecurity here and there and then this tweet. With your 3.6 million followers, you have a voice please use it for the common man. #NoJusticeNoTolling #NoJusticeNoToll.”

@Yourheadofstate wrote: “Of all the things going wrong in Nigeria na weed you dey talk about. This is why weed is illegal, e no dey allow some men reason proper.”

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