Robbery Incident; All Security Agents in Aso Rock have failed, they must be replaced – Ex AIG

Austin Iwar, a retired Assistant Inspector-General of Police, has lamented the attempt by armed robbers to burgle the home of the Chief of Staff to the President, Prof. Ibrahim Gambari. He said that the entire security in Aso Rock has failed to do their job and therefore, urged President Muhammadu Buhari, to replace all the security personnel in the Villa.

CRIMECHANNELS learnt that Iwar made the statement during an exclusive interview with the Punch on Monday evening.

He described the security breach as a slap on the face, saying it shouldn’t have happened in the first place considering the fact that Aso Rock should be one of the most protected places in the country.

He however, said there is a possibility that an insider, staying in the Aso Rock must have being involved in the whole incident.

He said, “There are two things we have to look at here. It is either it is an in-house thing; that is people working within the Aso Rock there that made an attempt to burgle the house or maybe this is also a reflection of the lack of security that has made everywhere porous including where the president is living. This calls for serious discussion as to how to fortify where the president stays.”

“What has happened to Gambari is an indication of the level of the insecurity in this country,” he noted.

Speaking further, Iwar said, “All the security agents that are there should be replaced, all of them should be replaced because the presidency should be one of the most protected areas of any country.”

“If we have this kind of security breach in the presidency, what it calls for is to carry out a threat assessment and a risk assessment of the presidency and the environment.”

“New security structures and strategies should be in place to protect that area. The entire security agents there should be changed immediately and new, dedicated ones should be brought in and they should be made to swear an oath of allegiance.”

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