Several people stranded as angry residents protesting gunmen attacks block highway

Aggrieved residents, largely from rural communities in Tsafe local government area of Zamfara State, on Wednesday, blocked Gusau-Funtua highway to register their frustration over the activities of armed men.

The residents said they would not allow free flow of traffic until their grievances were addressed.

They said despite the disruption of telecommunications services, armed men are still stopping them from accessing their farmlands.

Dozens of vehicles became stranded with many of the travellers rerouting their vehicles through where they felt they could escape the anger of the protesters.

“Communities like Yankuzo, Yan ware, Tafkin Kazai, Hayin Alhaji Yartalata located in Eastern Tsafe are still under the armed bandits’ siege. Even though the rate of kidnappings for ransom has reduced the armed criminals are still robbing people of their possession.”

“Their major concern now is how to fuel their motorbikes. Some weeks back, I was riding a bike to my community, about four groups of armed men intercepted me and asked for fuel. I had to make U-turn to avoid falling into the hands of the rogues.

“They are intercepting bike riders to scoop fuel from them, unlike before when they kidnap and demand for ransom. I could have been abducted if it were some months back,” a resident simply identified as Aliyu said.

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