Today23 May, 2022

The Nigerian Army retires 14 infantry Generals from active duty

The Nigerian Army retires 14 infantry Generals from active duty

In a colorful ceremony in Kaduna on Friday, the Nigerian Army (NA) retired 14 Infantry generals from active duty.

Eight Maj-Generals and six Brigadier-Generals were among the retired commanders paraded at the Jaji Military Cantonment in Kaduna.

It was gathered that the pulling out procession was part of the celebrations marking the completion of the seven-day Combat Arms Training Week.

The Nigerian Army’s combat arms are the Infantry and Armour Corps, which are specifically and directly involved in warfare.

The pulling out parade, according to retired Maj.-Gen. Ahmad Muhammad, was a recognition of the Generals’ positive contribution to the Infantry Corps while they were in active service.

Muhammad, a former Commander of the Infantry Corps, went on to say that the honor of pulling them out stemmed from their positive services to the country while serving at various posts in the Nigerian Army.

“Pulling us out in such colourful event is a way of giving us back what we have given to the system.

“The strategic intent is to encourage those coming behind us to work hard, diligently,” he said.

As retired officers, Muhammad stated that they will continue to react to demands to contribute constructively to the Infantry Corps and the Nigerian Army as a whole.

“Based on our exit dates from active service, we can contribute at different levels of response; based on our exit dates, we can only contribute at strategic levels.

“We will be advising the government on the position they take, we can only add value by contributing and suggesting better ways of doing things,” Muhammed said.

He stated that they would miss the Nigerian Army’s discipline and ‘Esprit de Corps’ (Spirit of Oneness).

“We have a structured order in the military; everything is streamlined.

“Before you go to sleep, you arrange your uniform and when you wake up, the first thing is the three ‘S’ which is Shower, Shave and `Shit’.

“There are no interruptions; the military is structured in orderliness, Esprit de Corps and loyalty which cannot be found anywhere.

“The military is a family and we will miss it.

“However taking us along in its activities just as we witnessed in the last five days of the Combat Arms week where we served as resource persons is encouraging,” he said.

Muhammad according to NAN was also the parade’s reviewing officer.


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