This Is Dehumanising – AGN President Reacts To ‘Actress’ Being Flogged

This Is Dehumanising – AGN President Reacts To ‘Actress’ Being Flogged

The National President Actors Guild of Nigeria, AGN, Emeka Rollas has reacted to the viral video of a self-acclaimed actress being beaten by unknown men.

In the video shared on the Instagram page of the AGN president, the lady could be seen kneeling as men pounced on her with strikes from a cane.

The actress, who is yet to be named, pleaded with the men who continued to wipe her with whilst threatening to cause more harm.

Reacting to the video, the AGN president, Emeka Rollas called out his followers and the populace to make the video go viral so that the Nigerian police can intervene and arrest people behind the intimidation, pointing out that no woman deserves to be treated in such a dehumanising way.

He shared the video, saying, “Please let this go viral until the police arrest the people behind this dehumanization and female intimidation

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