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Three armed robbery suspects acquitted after four years behind bars

Three armed robbery suspects acquitted after four years behind bars

Three defendants who were brought before Justice Adekunle Adeleye for alleged armed robbery and unauthorized possession of firearms—Ganiyu Rosak (age 22), Oluwole Idowu (age 22), and Ojo Ayomide (age 20)—have been released and acquitted by an Ekiti State High Court in Ado Ekiti.

The defendants were accused of robbing Adedeji Afolabi Akawa on July 5, 2018, in the Ajebamidele neighborhood of Ado Ekiti, while armed with offensive weapons, they robbed him of his phone, laptop, and N90,000.00 in cash.

The victim In his statement to the police, said, “I was sleeping in my room that day, around 2:00am, I saw the defendants and one other, (now at large) in my room, they ordered me to kneel, they collected my phone, laptop and a sum of N90,000, I wanted to struggle with them because the money is not mine but for the weapons, in their hands, I could not do so.

“One of them held a gun, another one a cutlass while two others held knives, ” he concluded.

The prosecutor, O. Akinlabi, planned to present five witnesses to the court to support his case, but none of them showed up to testify in court. He then tendered the victim and defendant’s statements as exhibits.

The defendants were represented by their council , Paul Ayantoyinbo from the Ekiti State Office of the Legal Aid Council, and they brought five witnesses in an effort to establish their innocence.

The evidence before the court, according to Justice Adekunle Adeleye, does not show that any of the defendants own or are in possession of a gun or a cutlass.

Overall, there is no concrete evidence connecting the first, second, or third defendants to the armed robbery that occurred on July 5, 2018.

“For failure on the part of the prosecution to prove beyond a reasonable doubt, the ingredients of the offences of armed robbery and unlawful possession of firearms preferred against the defendants, the first, second and third defendants are hereby discharged and acquitted.”


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