Three Suspected robbers caught by an Angry mob, burnt to ashes

JUST IN; Three [3] robbers caught by an Angry mob, burnt to ashes

Three suspected thieves were burnt to death by an angry mob on Thursday morning in Upper Iweka, Onitsha, Anambra State.

A source said the suspects, who operated from a tricycle, were lynched by the mob for trying to snatch a mobile phone from an unsuspecting victim.

The source said: “The incident happened at Upper Iweka motor park, almost in front of Star Sunny motor park, here in Onitsha.

“The men who were operating with a tricycle stopped and dispossessed a man of his phone. As they went back into the tricycle and made to drive off, the tricycle malfunctioned and refused to start.

“They became panicky, and in the process, some boys who are loading vehicles in the motor park quickly descended on them, beating them up.

“Some people brought tyres and others brought fuel, and they were set ablaze immediately. Their remains are still here now smoking.”

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