Travellers stranded as angry crowd protesting against gunmen attacks block expressway

Many Youths, including women, children and older persons were among a huge crowd protesting renewed attacks by bandits and kidnappers in their communities in Zamfara State. To get the attention of the government, it was learnt that they blocked the Gusau-Sokoto highway on Friday, June 25. This invariably caused a stand still as travellers and pedestrians couldn’t navigate their way pass the large crowd.

It was learnt that the protesters, who were mostly from Bingi and other surrounding villages in Maru Local Government Area of Zamfara State, had cut branches from trees and placed it on the road, thereby forcing some travellers to change routes.

Some of the protesters complained that many residents have fled the area after security operatives were withdrawn. They lamented that after the operatives left, they were exposed to so many attacks by armed criminals.

Speaking with newsmen, a resident identified as Ali Hussaini said, “In recent days, there was an upsurge in attacks by suspected bandits on our communities when they learnt that the security formation had been dismantled.”

“More than a dozen communities have been sacked following the brutal attacks by the armed men.”

“We will not return to our communities until the security operatives are deployed again. Have they forgotten that we are in troubled parts of the state? Mass abductions and killings are occurring almost on daily basis”

He appealed to the government to redeploy armed security agents back to their communities, adding that this time, their numbers should be increased.

“The authorities should not only redeploy the security personnel to our communities but also increase their number.”

“The armed bandits are riding to our communities in large numbers. Therefore there must be a proportionate number of operatives to counter them, “he said.

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