Two officers shot as unknown gunmen attack security vehicle

Two officers shot as unknown gunmen attack security vehicle

In Imo State, along the Akokwa/Arondiizogu/Ikpeora/Okigwe road, gunmen attacked a white security car and allegedly fired two police officers.

An eyewitness who confirmed the incident said it happened last Saturday and that the gunmen were in military uniforms in a Siena and Hilux vehicle with security sirens ash and black colour respectively.

One of the reasons given by an eyewitness was the gunmen trailed the security vehicle thinking they had loaded the vehicle with cash and were in search of guns.

“The gunmen think that the police officers have money in their vehicle. They shot them and started searching their vehicle and when they did not see anything they drove away. they think they have money but nothing in the vehicle. They collected some guns from them and drove away ” he said.

However, the photos from the scene had shown two security officers lying on the ground helplessly. One on the driver’s side and the other one on the passenger side.

Still, at the weekend, the gunmen allegedly terrorising the area had launched an operation within Umunna in Okigwe road. There were reports of a gun duel between the security officers and hoodlums.

The matter became worse last Sunday, some commuters plying Uturu-Okigwe road in Imo, were forced to cut short their journey and had to park along the road on hearing exchange of gun battle.

One of the commuters who gave her name as Lilian claimed it was “Security operative and hoodlums in a gun battle. We have to stop to wait until the road is safe for us to continue our journey.”

Eyewitnesses said communities along the troubled areas have continued to sleep with their two eyes opened especially at night.

The Imo state Police Command Public Relations Officer, Micheal Abbatam, said that “the officers attacked on the Arondiuzugo road were on the transient.”

Also, he said the Okigwe division police station was not attacked.

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