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Ukraine Forces have killed 498 of our Soldiers – Russia announce casualties

Ukraine Forces have killed 498 of our Soldiers – Russia cry out

Russian Ministry of Defence has disclosed the number of its servicemen killed in Ukraine since the war started.

The Ministry disclosed that “498 Russian Servicemen have died since Thursday” when the war declared by its President, Vladimir Putin ordered started

In a statement, the Ministry said “1597 more Russian servicemen were injured.”

The Ministry did not explain the nature of the injuries.

Putin had ordered what he called military operations against his neighbour for attempting NATO.

The battle, which started last week Thursday has continued, despite attempts to hold peace talks.

As the war continues, Rafael Grossi, the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), citing information from Moscow, said Russian forces have control of Ukraine’s largest nuclear power plant.

Meanwhile, Russia cautioned NATO against getting involved in the ongoing war against Ukraine.

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