“United States, UK others will reject Burantai, other ex Service Chiefs as Ambassadors”

Former Director General of the Nigerian Institute of International Affairs, Prof Bola Akinterinwa, said there is no assurance that countries such as the United States of America and the United Kingdom would accept the former service Chiefs as diplomats.

This is in regards of the Service Chiefs being nominated as non-career Ambassadors by the President, Mohammadu Buhari on Thursday.

CRIMECHANNELS gathered that Akinterinwa said this during an interview with journalist on Thursday.

He noted that President Buhari has the right to nominate the former Service Chiefs as none career ambassadors, he however, said he is not sure the officers will perform well outside Nigeria, owing to the fact that they didn’t perform well in their own country of birth.

He said, “It is only in Nigeria where a carpenter will want to perform the work of a pilot and where a pilot will want to go into surgical operation to perform cardiothoracic operation.”

“When you bring somebody who is perfectly trained to kill to come and engage in diplomatic negotiations at a critical time that globalisation is now a major issue, I think that Mr President is making haste slowly and in this case, he is killing diplomatic initiatives well in advance, this is killing Nigeria softly.”

“The main problem any of the former service chiefs may have is that the international community have been speculating that they have violated human rights, that under their watch some people have been killed recklessly without due regard to both international law and international humanitarian law.”

“You send them to probably Cote D’Ivoire, Togo, Venezuela, all those places where strategic interest do not constitute the issue, in this case, yes, they may do well but you need someone who is very conversant with a very dishonest manner of operating international politics. International politics is very dishonest, everybody is struggling to undermine the other and you need a sophisticated career ambassador.”

“It depends on the country they will be posted to. If you send a service chief as an ambassador to the United States for instance, what will you expect? US is one of the countries that have accused the service chiefs of having violated human rights. Do you think they will be able to survive in that case in terms of negotiating skill? Not likely. If you send to Britain, the same thing, ” he concluded.

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